What is BioChar? How to Make & Why You shouldn’t use Raw Biochar

This is John Kohler with okraw.com. Today I have another exciting episode for you. We’re here at the 3rd annual National Heirloom Expo. There’s over 3000 varieties of heirlooms of different types here in the building. What we’re looking at here today are all the different heirloom watermelons.

They got heirloom melons over there and squashes over there, but whey I’m here today is because, you know, some of these heirlooms are really not that sweet. So, I’ve had a change of mind that I do advocate eating refined sugar, unlike the past few videos where I, you know, maybe talked, and it wasn’t so good, but let me show you the kind of refined sugar that I like, and I approve of.

So, the only kind of refined sugar that I approve is these guys right here. There’s some watermelons and the variety name is actually called refined sugar. That’s refined sugar that I still believe you guys should eat. I want to always encourage you guys to eat whole foods whenever possible.

Before eating refined sugars I would much rather eat cooked vegan foods. So, I always want to encourage you guys to do good, better, best. Do always the best you can and of course, if refined sugars the only thing that you could otherwise you’re going to starve, I’d probably water fast or eat grass instead.

So, hopefully you guys enjoyed this episode learning more about my opinions on refined sugar and the one refined sugar that I’d eat, refined sugar watermelons. Once again, my name is John Kohler with okraw.com. We’ll see you next time, and remember, keep eating your fresh fruits and vegetables, including the refined sugar watermelon.

They’re always the best.